The e.GO Mover is an all-purpose minibus that can be equipped for local transport as well as for private and commercial transport purposes.

It will be possible to equip the e.GO Mover with level 4 assistance driving functions.

Available for test fleets from 2019.


Flyer: e.GO Mover


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e.GO Moove

e.GO Moove is an envisaged joint venture between the technology group ZF and the e.GO Mobile AG in Aachen.

e.GO Moove cooperates with NVIDIA for the development of autonomous driving functions with ZF's ADAS technology as well as the AI supercomputing control box ZF ProAI based on the NVIDIA™ DRIVE PX 2 platform.

Drive150 kW ZF drive system
Battery capacityup to 60 kWh
Dimensions (length/width/height)4971 / 2016 / 2540 mm
Standing room for5
Curb weight2100 kg
Operation timeup to 10 h
Possible evaluation levels0.4

The technical data listed above are provisional values based on calculations. Technical modifications reserved.