Urban mobility is facing major challenges because our inner cities are suffering from individual traffic and its emissions. We at e.GO are developing solution strategies for future mobility together with partners from research, industry and urban planners. On-demand offers as well as multimodality and traffic bundling with simultaneous freedom from emissions are the decisive approaches for livable cities in the future, which we are already working on today.

  • e.GO Mobile AG

    We are convinced that purely battery-operated electric cars make particular ecological and economic sense when they are short-distance vehicles with a small battery. In this way, air pollution in city centres can be reduced and driving bans avoided with immediate effect. This is why we want to make an urgent contribution with e.GO Mobile AG to the social task of promoting electric mobility in Germany by making it affordable. After all, it is not the art of building an electric car, but one that is affordable for everyone. If it is then still developed and produced in Germany, is of high quality and also offers great driving pleasure, then a switch to electric vehicles should already be attractive for all citizens and fleet operators.

  • e.GO MOOVE GmbH

    The e.GO Mover is an electric minibus developed by e.GO MOOVE GmbH, which will go into series production in July 2020. In terms of size, the vehicle is comparable to a station wagon and can be universally expanded and used - on the one hand as a people mover for local public transport (ÖPNV) and on the other hand for private and commercial transport tasks. In public transport, the e.GO Mover can be used for the so-called last mile as well as a neighbourhood shuttle. The e.GO Mover can transport up to 15 people and, thanks to its electric drive, can travel up to ten hours in the city without making emissions and noise. The e.GO Mover is initially operated manually with a driver (Level 0 automation), in future it will also be highly automated (Level 4 automation) depending on the regulations of the legislator. For the requirements management of the e.GO Mover, the framework recommendation 230 of the VDV (Association of German Transport Companies) was used, so that the vehicle is homologated as a Level 0 vehicle according to the applicable legal registration requirements.

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  • e.GO Digital GmbH

    e.GO Digital GmbH, the digitisation unit of e.GO Mobile AG, develops data-based business models and business apps. Data-based business models with corresponding apps should enable customers to use them more efficiently and enhance their experience. Within e.GO Mobile AG, business processes are simultaneously digitally networked and a digital shadow of the raw data from the various application software systems is generated. The Microsoft Azure cloud platform is one of the tools used in this process.

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  • e.2GO GmbH

    e.2GO GmbH is a provider of mobility services (Mobility as a Service), developing mobility concepts for city centres and urban districts as well as internal mobility. The company develops mobility solutions for employers as well as employees and, in cooperation with various partners, enables mobility to and from the workplace at conditions tailored to requirements. There are financially interesting incentives of electric mobility, especially for commuters. In addition, e.2GO offers solutions for the uncomplicated use of vehicle fleets, apps for sharing and booking vehicles, and everything necessary for operating vehicles. If required, the necessary parking space developments are also supported and the required fleets of e-vehicles, hybrid vehicles and people movers are made available. In addition, e.2GO designs mobility ideas for new urban quarters and implements them together with the project developers. These ensure, for example, that people and families remain mobile in everyday life without having their own car.

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  • e.GO REX GmbH

    Affordable universal electric mobility that is not limited to short distances cannot be achieved with batteries alone for the time being. This requires industrialized and therefore affordable fuel cell systems. For this purpose, e.GO REX GmbH is developing and producing a modular fuel cell system with 22 to 30 kW suitable for large series production as a range extender for serial plug-in hybrid vehicles such as the electric minibus e.GO Mover. The first test vehicles are currently being built. From 2023, the first Mover series vehicles will be equipped with the fuel cell range extender. The range extender from e.GO REX GmbH not only enables a massive extension of the range at attractive prices, but also high availability and flexibility through fast refuelling in under 6 minutes.

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