Automated Valet Parking

Automated Valet Parking in the parking garage on RWTH Aachen Campus


Motivation und Actions

This is how stress-free parking looks like in the future: Stop, get off the car, pull out your smartphone and send the car to park via an app command. With Automated Valet Parking from Bosch, this future is coming to Aachen in the newly built parking garage at the Production Technology Cluster on the RWTH Aachen Campus. Therefore, Bosch and e.GO Mobile AG agreed in April 2018 to cooperate. Bosch takes care of the infrastructure technology in the parking garage and, together with e.GO, makes cars fit for the automated parking experience. In the first step, the automated valet parking will be realized with up to twelve e.GO Life. The cars are part of the e.GO fleet and are available to employees of the company for business trips and for the demonstration of the Automated Valet Parking. In the second step, Bosch and e.GO want to use the system to improve space utilization in the parking garage. This concept aims to accommodate up to 50 percent more vehicles in an existing parking garage.

Automated Valet Parking is an important milestone on the way to autonomous driving. This is how it works: Drivers park their vehicles in a zone designated as a drop-off area in the entrance area of ​​the parking garage. They then give the parking system the command via a smartphone app to navigate through the parking garage and into a vacant parking space. Likewise, the car comes back into the so-called pick-up area. The process does not have to be monitored by drivers - for example, they can leave the parking garage while the car is still on its way to the parking space. This is possible thanks to the intelligent infrastructure. Bosch sensors in the parking garage monitor the driving corridor, its surroundings and provide the information needed to control the vehicle. The technology in the e.GO safely converts the commands of the infrastructure into driving maneuvers and stops the vehicle in time if there are obstacles in the way or people cross the track. In order to evaluate the reliable operation of the vehicle and parking garage technology, Bosch and e.GO want to involve the TÜV and local authorities in their cooperation right from the start.

Research partners:

  • Robert Bosch GmbH
  • e.GO Mobile AG

Project start:



Dr. Michael Riesener