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The loose charging cable wrapped around the e.GO Wallbox home with its type 2 plug is simply inserted into the vehicle inlet. The e.GO Wallbox home then automatically begins the charging process and signals this by means of the constant pulsing of the e.GO signet. If the vehicle battery is fully charged, the charging process stops automatically and the signet illuminates continuously.

The e.GO Wallbox home can be very easily installed by your trusted, qualified electrician in the location you prefer. Installation instructions for the e.GO Wallbox home are included in the delivery.

For better preparation, you can also find all of the documents in PDF format in the download area of our online store. You can forward these documents to your preferred, qualified electrician. This will provide the electrician with advance information regarding the necessary steps for installation.

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Currently we do not offer an installation service for the e.GO Wallbox home.

Using the link below, you can search for E-mobility companies near you, which are qualified to install the e.GO Wallbox home and ensure safe operation.

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The maximum charging capacity of the e.GO Wallbox is 11 kW (three-phase). The onboard charging device of the e.GO Life only charges in single-phase due to the vehicle architecture. This results in a maximum charging capacity of 3.7 kW.

The e.GO Wallbox home is therefore already well prepared for future vehicle generations and electric vehicles with higher charging capacities can be charged with 11 kW now.

The e.GO Wallbox home is connected to the alternating current building grid as a consumer. It is not designed for direct connection to the PV-system / battery storage (direct current).

Yes. You can charge any electric car with a type 2 inlet, which has been established as the Europe-wide standard, using the e.GO Wallbox home.

During the installation of the e.GO Wallbox home, the charging current can be adjusted by a qualified electrician from 6 to 16 A in 2 A steps by means of a rotary switch. You can find details on this in the assembly instructions, which you can download in the download area of our online store.

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The e.GO Wallbox home has an IP 54 protection class rating. This means that the e.GO Wallbox home is protected against spraying water and dust. We recommend installing the Wallbox in a garage or beneath a carport. The e.GO Wallbox home can be operated at temperatures ranging from -25°C to 40°C.

The scope of delivery of the e.GO Wallbox home does not include any access lock. As an option, access can be securely blocked by means of an external key switch, for example.

Ask your electrician for a potential-free switch for this.

A screenshot of our website (Wallbox with price) is sufficient as an offer for the "Application for the funding of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles".

In addition, a preliminary bid of a qualified electrician for the installation of the Wallbox must be included. You can find additional information at the following link.

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