When charging at home, you can take full advantage of the low cost of your household electricity rate.

Conveniently, the e.GO Life can be charged from any household socket. We recommend having the electrical connection checked by a qualified electrician to ensure that your wiring is up to the continuous load of an electric vehicle.

Your e.GO Life can be charged more comfortably, more quickly and with certified safety using the e.GO Wallbox home with integrated cable. You can order this right now through our online store.

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When charging at a public charging station, the e.GO Life uses the type 2 plug which is standard in Europe. You have the option of adding the 5 m long type 2 charging cable directly to the standard equipment of your e.GO Life when ordering the vehicle.

In order to use public charging stations, you will also usually need an access medium (e.g. an app or RFID-card). Here, there are many providers in the market who ensure this type of access, such as your local energy provider.

e.GO Life Configurator

When purchasing the e.GO Life, a charging cable is included as standard. Here, you can choose from a charging cable for household sockets (earthed socket) or a charging cable for public charging stations (Type 2 plug).

For an additional charge, the respective additional cable and the e.GO Wallbox home can also be added.

e.GO Life Configurator

Yes, you can utilize the self-produced power of your PV-system to charge the e.GO Life. It must be taken into account, however, that the e.GO Life (and also the e.GO Wallbox home) must always be connected to the building’s power grid. If your PV-system feeds electricity into the building’s power grid, this will also be used for charging the e.GO Life. If your system does not produce sufficient electricity, the e.GO Life will automatically draw the remaining portion from the public power grid.

At the present, it is not possible to limit charging purely to solar power. However, we are working on a solution to optimize your self-sufficiency.

No. Bidirectional charging is not supported by the e.GO Life. For this reason, it is not possible to use it as intermediate storage for your PV-system.