We will offer maintenance of the e.GO Life at our site in Aachen.

Selected Bosch Car Service shops will guarantee service for your e.GO Life in the future and offer you advice, repair and maintenance from a single source.

At the moment, we are cooperating with additional partners to further expand the e.GO service network. As soon as this is complete, we will announce our partners.

The spaceframe of the e.GO Life is made of lightweight aluminum profiles and high-strength steel. Our engineers have designed this spaceframe to absorb a lot of impact energy.

Having the motor on the rear axle also provides plenty of space for a particularly large front deformation zone of 42 cm.

It goes without saying that side and front airbags for the driver and front passenger are provided in case of a crash, as well as belt force limiters and belt tensioners in the restraint system.

The e.GO Life also ensures your childrens safety, as it has two ISOFIX attachment points for the rear seats and one for the front passenger seat. This allows a child seat to be rigidly connected to the chassis securely and quickly anywhere in the vehicle.

In addition, driving safety is supported by software systems (ABS, ESC, emergency call).

At a height of more than 2 meters, Prof. Schuh, the founder and CEO of e.GO Mobile AG, has sufficient space in the e.GO Life.

The volume of the luggage compartment is approximately 140 l. The backseats can be individually folded and then serve as a horizontal storage surface. The volume of the luggage compartment with the rear backseats folded down is approximately 640 l. With the backseats folded down, there is space for approximately 8 beverage crates in the luggage compartment. Even an average-sized stroller can be easily stowed in this manner.

Yes. The e.GO Life can be charged using any normal earthed socket (230 V). We recommend a prior inspection of the socket and the related power grid by a qualified electrician.