Charging at home

Charge your e.GO Life at home. Like this, you can take full advantage of the low costs of charging with your household electricity rate or optimally with locally generated electricity. Conveniently, the e.GO Life can be charged at any household power outlet. We recommend you to have your power connection checked by an qualified electrician to assure that your installation can withstand the continuous load of an electric vehicle.

If you want to charge your e.GO Life more comfortably, quickly and safely, you can use the e.GO Wallbox home with integrated charging cable.

e.GO Wallbox home

  • The e.GO Wallbox home is a highly qualitative product made in Germany, therefore you can safely charge your e.GO Life.

    Normally, installing of a wallbox will incur additional costs for safety measures like residual current circuit breaker. Some of these safety measures are already integrated in the e.GO Wallbox home.

    The e.GO Wallbox home has an interface that enables an qualified electrician to install an access restriction (e.g. key-operated switch). Like this, you can protect yourself from unauthorized charging processes if required.  In this respect, ask a qualified electrician for a potential-free switch.

  • The 5 m charging cable is attached to the wallbox. You get out of your e.GO Life and the cable is at hand right next to the vehicle. Instead of searching for the charging cable in the trunk, you only have to plug the connector into the charging socket.

    The e.GO Wallbox home can be attached to any wall, e.g. the garage wall, or alternatively to a stele. Due to the high weather protection, it can also be attached besides an outdoor parking space.

  • The charging cable can be wound onto the wallbox. Depending on the distance of the e.GO Wallbox home to your e.GO Life, you simply unroll the required length of the charging cable. Like this, no part of the cable needs to lay on the ground and you avoid soiling the cable and dirty hands when plugging in.

  • By charging from the e.GO Wallbox home, you charge approximately 50% faster as compared to charging from a domestic socket. The maximum charging power of the e.GO Life hence is 3.7 kW (230 V, 16 A, single-phase).

    The following overview shows the charging times of the e.GO Life with respect to the vehicle version and the charging device used:

    With a maximum charging power of 11 kW, the e.GO Wallbox home is already prepared for future vehicle generations of the e.GO family.

Charging at a domestic power outlet

With the selectable 4 m charging cable with Schuko plug, you can charge your e.GO Life at any domestic power outlet. Here, the e.GO Life charges with a maximum charging power of 2.3 kW (230 V, 10 A).

Higher charging capacities cannot be realised at domestic power outlets because they may not constantly be subjected to higher charging currents for safety reasons. Therefore, we recommend you to have your power connection checked by an qualified electrician to assure that your installation can withstand the continuous load of an electric vehicle.

For a safer and faster charging process, we recommend the use of the e.GO Wallbox home.

Charge my e.GO Life

Electric mobility that is not only fun, but also practical and affordable – this motto stands above everything else at e.GO Mobile AG.For us, electric mobility does not stop with a car that is perfect for the everyday use in cities and urban areas. It also includes the infrastructure that is required to power the car, which should be both practical and affordable.

The e.GO Life was designed for urban areas: drive around the city at day and recharge overnight. This renders regular trips to the filling station unnecessary. Oftentimes, employers provide the opportunity to charge on site during work. In addition, the e.GO Life can be charged at public charging stations.

Inform yourself about our infrastructure solutions for

  • Charging at home
  • Public charging
  • And charging your fleet.

Plug in

After parking your e.GO Life, first open the lid of the charging socket on your e.GO Life and plug in the charging cable.


After you plug in the cable, the charging process starts automatically. The charging power is adapted in a way that ensures a quick and safe charging process.


The charging cable is automatically unlatched once you unlock your e.GO Life. Remove the cable, get into your e.GO Life and start your journey!

Public charging

The e.GO Life can also be charged at public charging stations. For this, you need the standardized European type 2 charging cable. This cable can be used to charge at public AC charging stations.

A 5 m type 2 charging cable is optionally enclosed in the delivery of your e.GO Life. With the help of the map, you can find public and semi-public charging stations in your surroundings.

Charging Solutions for fleets

For fleet operators, e.GO Mobile AG offers a customized charging infrastructure solution in cooperation with our partners, which comprises partial solutions and all-inclusive packages:

  • Personal contact
  • Solutions that are tailored to your expectations and wishes through a modular design
  • Solutions for company sites and billable home charging solutions for your employees     
  • All measures from one provider:
    • Planning (requirement analysis, hardware and software selection, …)
    • Construction (procurement, installation, commissioning, …)
    • Operation (service and support, load/ charge management, accounting, …)

In order to facilitate your entry into electric mobility, we offer a free consultation by phone concerning possible charging infrastructure solutions.

Have we sparked your interest? Use the contact form below, and we will get in touch with you.


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