Press Release: e.GO Life and e.GO Mover at CEBIT 2018

e.GO Presents Mobility Solutions for the Future


Hanover, 11 June 2018 – e.GO will present the e.GO Mover electric minibus, the e.GO Life city car and new mobility solutions for the metropolitan area at the CEBIT in Hanover (Exhibition Centre, Hall 25, Stand A27). This exhibition will take place from the 11th to 15th of June 2018. e.GO Digital GmbH (the digitalization unit of the electric car manufacturer e.GO Mobile AG), is aiming to develop on-demand solutions that are cloud-based for future inner-city traffic. The e.GO Life demonstrates which connected services can be integrated into a particularly inexpensive e-vehicle.

Vision for Inner City Traffic
In order to avoid emissions, traffic jams and parking shortages, public transport should be supplemented by electric people movers and group taxis. The e.GO Mover (a minibus that is able to carry up to 14 passengers), picks up daily commuters and guests from existing and new Park&Ride stations. These are located on the access roads to the cities, where they park and charge their cars. These innercity movertrips can be conducted either according to a timetable or on demand, which is co-ordinated via the Internet of Things (IoT) cloud. The connection of pri-vate transport with local public transportation will relieve the cities from traffic problems and offer users better mobility and more comfort.

Connected Services
The e.GO Life is a relatively inexpensive electric city car that will be delivered to customers by the end of 2018. The vehicle is fully connected via a specially developed customer app. Immediately after ordering the vehicle, the customer receives the access key to their app area. Here, the customer will find all the relevant data about the vehicle that they just ordered, for example the charging status. The app also analyzes statistics that will evaluate driving behaviour. The customer can also see the range of their car within their living area, preheat it or have optimized routes calculated. In addition to the design of the app, visitors will also experience the e.GO Life car configurator for the first time. This car configurator demonstrates which configurations are possible using white model displays.

Electric Minibus e.GO Mover for City Traffic
e.GO MOOVE GmbH, a joint venture between e.GO Mobile AG and Zukunfts Venture GmbH of ZF Friedrichshafen AG, will display the second generation of their people mover. The model is comparable in size to a SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle), carries up to 15 people and enables an economical on-demand solution as a supplement to public transport. Passengers register their travel requests via a cloud-based app. Within sec-onds, this request is compared with the available movers, their position, capacity and direction of travel. After that, the cash and carry offer is sent to the passenger. The aim is to serve not only classic bus stops but also many other permitted locations. However, the mover does not offer point-to-point transport. Hence, they pick up passengers near their start-ing point and drive them to the desired destination. The e.GO Mover is able to run emission-free for up to ten hours and operates very quietly in the city centre.

e.GO Mobile AG
e.GO Digital GmbH
CEBIT 2018

Exhibition Centre, Hall 25, Stand A27


e.GO Mobile AG
e.GO Mobile AG was founded in 2015 by Prof. Dr Günther Schuh as a manufacturer of electric vehicles. On the RWTH Aachen Campus, the 230 employees benefit not only from the pioneering project StreetScooter, but they also use the unique network of the campus with approx. 360 technology companies and research institutions. Agile teams are working on various low-cost and customer-oriented electric vehicles for short-haul traffic. For series production, e.GO Mobile AG is currently commissioning its new plant in Aachen Rothe Erde.

e.GO Digital GmbH
e.GO Digital GmbH, a subsidiary of e.GO Mobile AG, is a dynamic start-up on the RWTH Aachen Campus. Since 2017, the managing partners Casimir Ortlieb and Dr Michael Rie-sener have been working with leading technology companies and a rapidly growing team to develop data-based business models and business apps that create added value by consist-ently simplifying business processes and customer applications in the New Mobility ecosys-tem.

e.GO MOOVE GmbH, a joint venture of e.GO Mobile AG and Zukunfts Venture GmbH, a 100% subsidiary of ZF Friedrichshafen AG, develops and produces people movers and robotaxis in Aachen.


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