bfp fuhrpark & management: e.Go: E-Mobilität urban

bfp fuhrpark & management: e.Go: E-Mobilität urban

“The electric little thing that will soon roll out of the production hall is 3.36 meters long and goes by the name of e.Go e.Wave X.”


“However, the e.Go team was not only concerned with sustainability in the electric drive, but also in the body-in-white and body parts. The result has a significant impact on the TCO of Life and e.Wave X, according to Herget. That’s because the body-in-white consists of an aluminum spaceframe that is bolted to the roll cage rather than welded. And the outer body is formed not by sheet metal but by polymer parts. Some of these are already made of recycled materials, can be recycled again and, according to e.Go, offer an advantage in everyday use that should not be underestimated: “It takes a lot of force to damage the outer skin with scratches or dents,” says Herget, explaining the advantages of the technology. “And if damage does occur, it can be repaired much more quickly and cost-effectively than with classic steel or aluminum sheet bodies.” If repair is not possible, the individual parts can simply be replaced…”

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